Designed to improve
quality of life.

Functional Design Meets Versatility,
Plunge Pools for Any Living Space.

Effortlessly upgrade your space with our sleek and versatile pools, designed to complement any home.

Simplicity & Style

Simplicity never goes out of style.

Our dunk™ pools match well with any backyard or home aesthetic, including modern, traditional, classic, contemporary, new postmodern, neo-Classical, neo-traditional, Neoromanticism … or just plain ol’ romanticism.

Add any of our gorgeous, well-designed dunk™ pools to your backyard. It’ll not only look good, but it’ll feel good.

The Perfect Fit

There’s a dunk™ pool with your name on it.

The days of the monster backyard pools are a thing of the past. Which is why we proudly design *dunk* size pools for any backyard, maximum efficiency and optimal fun.

By adding a dunk™ pool to your backyard, you’re adding a little more oomph, a little more pizzazz, a little more, pardon our French, je ne sais quoi to your overall living arrangement.


Take full control, even when you’re not dunking.

Aside from doing the body good, your dunk™ pool will keep you and yours away from mind-numbing screens. Well, somewhat. Because here’s the ironic thing: you can conveniently integrate your dunk™ pool to your smart phone or tablet – meaning you can control things like temperature, jets, and lighting with a few simple taps and swipes.

Text your family and friends that you’re on a digital cleanse. Poolside!


Crafted by prune hands and a touch of sunscreen.

We don’t do ordinary. We do extra ordinary. We proudly swim the extra lap when it comes to innovating, crafting, designing and delivering our works of art.

We never sacrifice our craftsmanship, precision, and design philosophies. Ever.

High Grade Steel

Durable Steel, Modern Elegance.

Steel is naturally rigid and tough, providing much needed structural integrity. Your dunk™ pool will be solid enough to take with you if you ever decide to move to another backyard. dunk™ pools are all handmade to order from our manufacturing facility in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

Pool Safety Covers

dunk™ into Safety with a Splash of Style.

We take safety seriously. Embrace the joy of worry-free swimming with our top-notch safety covers! Expertly crafted for ultimate protection, these covers not only keep your family secure, but also add a touch of class to your backyard paradise. Dive into fun and create lasting memories, knowing we’ve got your back – and your pool – covered!

Smart Equipment

dunk™ Your Pool Experience with Automation

Enjoy the benefits of standard automated pump speed scheduling for exceptional energy efficiency. Enhance your pool experience with optional add-ons like our chemical monitoring system, chemical delivery system, and UV disinfection sanitizer for peak performance. Plus, with our remote monitoring system, we’re here to assist with troubleshooting from anywhere across North America. dunk™ into the future of intelligent swimming pool technology.