What Is A Plunge Pool? Backyard Swimming Pool Designs.


Have you ever thought about owning a swimming pool, but found that it would be too expensive or too large for your backyard? What if we told you there is a type of swimming pool that is designed to fit your needs? Let us introduce you to the plunge pool:

What Is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a small, often shallow swimming pool used for wading, lounging and soaking. Designed for small urban backyards, the square or rectangular shape of a swimming pool can maximize the functionality of an outdoor living space.

Standard swimming pools allow for laps, whereas the smaller plunge pool is used for recreation, low-impact exercise, relaxation and recovery. Plunge pools have already gained popularity as pool designs in Europe, where the recreational and rehabilitative value of swimming is widely recognized.

Couple relaxing in lounge chairs by backyard swimming plunge pool

Plunge Pools Versatile Installation

Plunge pools are designed for small urban backyard spaces, they can be installed anywhere there is sufficient space. Did you know that you only need a 10 foot by 10 foot area to install a plunge pool? They can be installed on or off a deck, in-ground, above-ground or semi in-ground. Plunge pools are extremely versatile and can be tailored to fit your outdoor living space.

Many homeowners have found that a plunge pool is a perfect addition to fill out their backyard and complete the space. When trying to improve the look of a small property, you might think you can rule out all pool designs, but with a square or rectangular plunge pool, that limited free space can be filled perfectly.

Young couple jumping in a modern plunge pool

The Benefits of a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools have lower water requirements, and because they are smaller than traditional pools, they are less expensive to heat and clean.

Swimming can be a great way to stay in shape and train certain areas of the body with resistance provided by the water, as well as great recreational activity. Many homeowners with small properties rule out getting these benefits, but a plunge pool can make them possible.

Plunge pools are believed to have certain healing benefits as well. In Europe, they are often paired with hot tubs and saunas to use as a part of cold-plunge therapy, which is believed to help keep blood pressure at a normal level. Ancient Romans and Chinese thought highly of small bodies of cold water, as a therapeutic relief and remedy for many physical ailments.

Many athletes also sing the praises of plunge pools, having a temperature controlled body of water in which to recover muscles. Plunge pools can be set at a variable range of temperatures and fitted with jets and other add-ons to assist their versatile list of uses.

In any case, out of a long list of pool designs, only one will save you money while offering a versatile addition to your backyard, garden or other space that you previously had thought too small for a feature like a pool.

Is Your Property Right for a Plunge Pool?

Because of the versatility of these innovative pool designs, there’s good chance yours is. You can install a plunge pool beside a deck, as well as building an above-ground, in-ground or semi-in-ground plunge anywhere in your backyard or garden.

Did you think your urban backyard is too small for a pool? Think again. With our dunkā„¢ swimming pools, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a pool without spending too much to maintain it or needing excessive space on your property. Call us today for more information.


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