Our plug and play dunk
equipment enclosure.

The all-in-one pool system.

The dunk™ equipment enclosure is a protective steel housing that shelters all of your mechanical pool components from the natural elements. dunk™ pools are built with the highest quality pool components in North America, all of which are CSA and ANSI approved. Our pool systems primarily use Pentair™ products to ensure simplicity, reliability and most importantly durability.

It's not just for dunk™ pool systems, it can also be used with most traditional pool systems. Contact us to learn more.


Inline Electric

This heater is ideal for small volumes of water, an inline heater will help keep your start up budget in line.

Gas Heater

If your house has gas (the energy kind) this is the unit for you. Gas heater warm pools quickly and efficiently. Gas heating is ideal for the spa option.

Heat Pump

Electric heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your pool. With the same footprint as a household A/C unit, you can heat your pool quietly and efficiently.



Traditional chlorine pools have lower start up fees and they can be easily maintained if you follow the correct methods to manage your water chemistry.


Saltwater pools use electrolysis to convert salt to chlorine. This process results in lower levels of chlorine present in the water which tends to be much gentler on the swimmers skin.


IntelliCenter® Pool Control System

IntelliCenter® Pool Control System connects all the functionalality of your pool to your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Chemical Monitoring System

The chemical monitoring option, when combined with the smart device control will let you see how your pools chemistry is measuring up from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Chemical Delivery System

A add on to the chemical monitoring system, this component will automatically deliver chemicals as needed to ensure you always have the perfect water chemistry.

Salt Generator

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? Bring the ocean to your backyard. We offer a salt generator that converts your pool into a safe, clean, salt water heaven.

UV Disinfection Sanitizer

Harness the instant neutralizing power of Ultraviolet Light to virtually eliminate all unhealthy microorganisms in your pool in a matter of seconds.

The dunk equipment enclosure can be used with traditional pools.

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