The Great Escape™

Escape to your backyard.
10’x25′ and 3′, 4′ or 5′ deep.

Starting from $58,960 USD

Two Words

Steel Pool

Yes, they are actually made from steel.

Our engineered design is built entirely out of the highest grade of new steel materials. We do this to ensure strength and a lifetime of durability.

dunk Anywhere! Choose Your Installation Type.
We Build Pools for Every Backyard.

In Ground

Semi In Ground

Above Ground

Sloped Yard



Forget the pool liner

Seriously, Fugget'About'It. Dunk pool systems have no pool liner! Our engineering department has crafted a specialized coating that adheres directly to the steel, leaving smooth seamless finish. Not to mention extremely durable, ready for whatever your family has to dunk at it.

Speed of installation

When you purchase a pool the last thing you want to be doing is waiting all summer and not being able to use it until the following year. We can install within 3-5 business days after delivery, this means limited disruption to your families busy lifestyle. Simply order, install and dunk.

Underwater LED lights

Get your nightly dunk on! Our color changing LED lighting system comes standard on all of our pools.

The Wizard Pump™

The Wizard Pump is where all the magic happens! Our Wizard Pump is a protective steel enclosure that houses all of your mechanical pool components. Dunk pools are built with the highest quality pool components in North America, all of which are CSA and ANSI approved. Our pool systems primarily use Pentair products to ensure simplicity, reliability and most importantly durability. The Wizard Pump is Pentair approved, extending the warranty of select Pentair components. Contact us to learn more.

Engineered Steel Design

Design & engineered from the ground up, so all you have to worry about is swimming.

dunk™ pools are prefabricated steel structures that arrive onsite ready to install, simple place, connect and enjoy.

Available Heating Options

Gas Heater

If your house has gas (the energy kind) this is the unit for you. Gas heater warm pools quickly and efficiently. Gas heating is ideal for the spa option.

Heat Pump

Electric heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your pool. With the same footprint as a household A/C unit, you can heat your pool quietly and efficiently.

Technology Options

Screen Logic

Can you say Smart Pool! Screen Logic connects all the functionality of your pool to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Poolside Remote

The wired or wireless keypad can be placed anywhere near your pool and allow complete control of all your pools features.

Chemical Monitoring System

The chemical monitoring option combined with screen logic will let you see how your pools chemistry is measuring up from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Chemical Delivery System

An add on to the chemical monitoring system, this component will automatically deliver chemicals as needed to ensure you always have the perfect water chemistry.

Salt Generator

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? Bring the ocean to your backyard. We offer a salt generator that converts your pool into a safe, clean, salt water heaven.

UV Disinfection Sanitizer

Harness the instant neutralizing power of Ultraviolet Light to virtually eliminate all unhealthy microorganisms in your pool in a matter of seconds.

Solar Heating (Add-on)

Automatic solar sensors measure sun exposure and toggle between heat sources to ensure your pools heating system is operating at the highest possible efficiency.

Accessibility Options

Swim Ledge

A swim ledge allows easy access to and from the pool without the space requirements of stairs. To maximize your swimming area this option is a must have.

Swim Ledge & Stairs

To maximize your swimming area this option is a must have. We have integrated stairs into the swim ledge for easy accessibility allowing for easy dunk™-ing.

Corner Stairs

Make a grand entrance into your pool with our built-in stairs. Corner stairs are placed on a 90-degree angle, in a corner of your choice.

End Stairs

A compact yet functional entry option that allows you to maximize the overall dunk™-ing space of your pool with a full set of stairs.

Full End Stairs

Walk right in with our full end stairs, as the name suggests these stairs span the width of the entire pool allowing for easy dunk™-ing.

Tanning Ledge

If lounging is your thing, then maybe a tanning ledge is what you need. Our tanning ledge is a shallow area with an even depth, ideal for lounge chairs or as a safe area for young children to dunk™ around.

Pool Ladder

Pool ladders are as iconic as it gets. They provide safe access points to your pool and they look pretty good too.

Safety & Cleaning Options

Solar Blanket On Roller

Solar blankets are a cost effective way to minimize heat loss in your pool when it's not in use.

Built-In Safety Cover

Pool safety covers will support your full body weight. Our built-in manually operated safety covers are clean, slim and tuck away under the pool deck surface.

Fully Automated Safety Cover

Our fully automated safety covers utilize the same technology as our built-in safety covers. The main difference is that our automated covers can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

The easiest way to clean your dunk™ pool is with an automated cleaning robot. Drop it in the pool, plug it in and let it do the cleaning for you.

Manual Pool Cleaner

Not ready for an automatic cleaning robot? No problem. Clean your pool with a manual vacuuming system, it can be a great way to relax while getting some exercise.

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