The Spa™

Create your own backyard spa experience.
8′ x 8′ x 3′

Starting from $19,440 USD


Relax. Repeat.

No... a spa is not a hot tub. Let us dunk™ it down for you. Spas have fewer water jets and are designed for a relaxing hot water soak. Typically installed as a complementary pool feature, spas provide a multi-functional dunk™-ing space for both kids and adults.

Modular add-on

The spa is designed as a modular add-on to complement your dunk™ backyard pool system. Like our pools, our spa system has no liner! Our engineering deparment has crafted a specialized coating that adheres directly to the steel, leaving smooth seamless finish. Not to mention extemely durable, ready for whatever your family has to dunk at it.

Two Words

Steel Spa

Yes, they are actually made from steel.

Our engineered design is built entirely out of the highest grade of new steel materials. We do this to ensure strength and a lifetime of durability.

Underwater LED lights

Get your nightly dunk on! Our color changing LED lighting system comes standard on all of our pools.

The Wizard Pump™

The Wizard Pump is where all the magic happens! Our Wizard Pump is a protective steel enclosure that houses all of your mechanical pool components. Dunk pools are built with the highest quality pool components in North America, all of which are CSA and ANSI approved. Our pool systems primarily use Pentair products to ensure simplicity, reliability and most importantly durability. The Wizard Pump is Pentair approved, extending the warranty of select Pentair components. Contact us to learn more.

Engineered Steel Design

Design & engineered from the ground up, so all you have to worry about is swimming.

dunk™ pools are prefabricated steel structures that arrive onsite ready to install, simple place, connect and enjoy.

Available Heating Options

Gas Heater

If your house has gas (the energy kind) this is the unit for you. Gas heater warm pools quickly and efficiently. Gas heating is ideal for the spa option.

Heat Pump

Electric heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your pool. With the same footprint as a household A/C unit, you can heat your pool quietly and efficiently.

Start Dunking before your neighbours do.

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