The Wizard Pump™

Our plug and play pump kit.
Magic. Or in this case, Wizard magic. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Wizards weave magic from behind a curtain.


When we first started designing our own pool systems, we soon realized that a plug-and play style pump was not only complementary, but necessary. As a result, we created an all-in-one pool maintenance system - one that mirrors the same ease, convenience, and magical efficiencies as our dunk products.

The Wizard Pump™ is the result - and available with unique customization options that’ll get more than just a few fists and air mattresses pumping.

Add one of our smart and efficient pump systems to your backyard pool. It’ll not only save you time sourcing the best of the best, but you'll save money. More time in the pool!

All you have to do is decide which of our available customization options works best for your needs, and abracadabra, you’re done.

The Wizard Pump™

The Wizard Pump is where all the magic happens! Our Wizard Pump is a protective steel enclosure that houses all of your mechanical pool components. Dunk pools are built with the highest quality pool components in North America, all of which are CSA and ANSI approved. Our pool systems primarily use Pentair products to ensure simplicity, reliability and most importantly durability. The Wizard Pump is Pentair approved, extending the warranty of select Pentair components. Contact us to learn more.

Different dunk™ name, same dunk™ quality

From steel bridges, to housing, to our recently launched steel backyard swimming pools, we’ve been in the engineering game since as long as we can remember. But history aside, we’re now thrilled beyond reason to offer our very own (and very complete) weatherproof wizardly pool maintenance systems. In a word, they’re magical.

We’ve specially-designed The Wizard Pump™ kits to not only be more efficient, but completely weatherproof. We’ve achieved this by manufacturing our pump kit enclosures using mild steel – providing the strength, durability, and structural rigidity that pump closures need. Our systems install even more easily than they ship – as we ship our pool pump kits directly, with all the equipment directly built-in.

With some light ground prep, power and gas access, you can literally plug and play.

Available Heating Options

Inline Electric

With a low purchase price this heater is ideal for small volumes of water. An inline heater will help keep your start up budget in line.

Gas Heater

If your house has gas (the energy kind) this is the unit for you. Gas heater warm pools quickly and efficiently. Gas heating is ideal for the spa option.

Heat Pump

Electric heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your pool. With the same footprint as a household A/C unit, you can heat your pool quietly and efficiently.

Technology Options

Screen Logic

Can you say Smart Pool! Screen Logic connects all the functionality of your pool to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Poolside Remote

The wired or wireless keypad can be placed anywhere near your pool and allow complete control of all your pools features.

Chemical Monitoring System

The chemical monitoring option combined with screen logic will let you see how your pools chemistry is measuring up from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Chemical Delivery System

An add on to the chemical monitoring system, this component will automatically deliver chemicals as needed to ensure you always have the perfect water chemistry.

Salt Generator

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? Bring the ocean to your backyard. We offer a salt generator that converts your pool into a safe, clean, salt water heaven.

UV Disinfection Sanitizer

Harness the instant neutralizing power of Ultraviolet Light to virtually eliminate all unhealthy microorganisms in your pool in a matter of seconds.

Solar Heating (Add-on)

Automatic solar sensors measure sun exposure and toggle between heat sources to ensure your pools heating system is operating at the highest possible efficiency.

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