Shipping & Installation

Shipping. Installing. dunk™-ing. In that order, life gets much, much better. We offer the fastest turn-around times and delivery option in our industry.

We ship your dunk™ backyard swimming pool on the back of a semi-truck and deliver it straight to your backyard. We then load it on, in or halfway into the ground by way of a small crane, and hook up the pump system.

And because dunk™ backyard swimming pools are made from rigid steel material, our installation process is super-duper hassle free. Plus, we install your dunk™ pool in timely fashion, in a way that is totally non-disruptive.

So in the end, you can spend no time watching us build, less time watching us set-up, and more time dunking.

Learn more about our super fast turn-arounds, shipping and installation so you can be in your pool in weeks, not months.

Call us today toll free 1.888.965.3865 to order or by contact form for more information

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