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Installing a swimming pool has never been easier, our pre-fabricated units are engineered for simplicity without compromising any functionality. The dunk pool system is constructed entirely out of steel and wrapped in specialty coatings to ensure long term durability with limited lifetime maintenance. A dunk system includes all of the components needed for a fully functional swimming pool. Not to mention dunk pools can be installed in-ground, semi in-ground or above ground, whatever suits your backyard best. In this step by step installation guide were going to show you how easy it is to start dunking.

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Step By Step In Ground Pool Installation Instructions

It only takes 5 easy steps to install a dunk swimming pool.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Step #1 – Site Preparation

In order to prepare for a dunk pool installation you will need to consider the following site preparation items. First a dunk pool will require a space roughly 24” wider and 24” longer than the size of the pool. The installation area must be free and clear of any items and must not have overhead obstructions, such as overhangs, power lines or tree branches. Next you will need access to the dunk pool area for removal of overburden and soils. The access path between the pool location and the road or dump site must be clear and provide adequate access for equipment.

We recommend you call your municipal office to check for underground utility lines before you excavate.

Step #2 – Excavation

No matter how you install a dunk (in ground, semi in ground or above ground), you will need to do some excavating. This can be as minor as removing the top organic layer to a full depth excavation.

If above ground, you will need to excavate 12” wider and 12” longer than the pool size. You will need to ensure you excavate 4″ deeper than your desired finished grade. This will allow for 4” of aggregate material to be compacted as a footing.

If in ground you will need to excavate 24” wider and 24” longer than the pool size. You will need to ensure your excavation meets or exceeds all local rules and regulations as well as any OH&S policies and regulations. A typical installation will require you to excavate 4″ deeper than your desired finished grade. This will allow for 4” of compactable aggregate to be compacted as a footing. Consult with your local building codes prior to installation, to confirm the required installation specifications in your regional area.

Compacted aggregate base should be ± 5mm (1/4”) elevation change per square foot. This will ensure a level pool upon install.

Step #3 – Install The Pool

Once your pool has arrived, you will need to have it craned into place. Using the supplied attachment points lift the pool with the crane and drop it into place. Finally, ensure the orientation is correct and the pool is level.

Once the pool has been placed, it’s time to move onto the plumbing and electrical.

Step #4 – Plumbing & Electric

Have a certified plumber install the connection points from the pool to the Wizard Pump System. Whether above or below ground you may want to bury the lines to prevent damage or freezing. Consult local frost line tables to know your depth to bury the water lines.

Electrical connections must be performed by a certified electrician, consult with your electrician to determine if a permit is required.

Note: you will need to ensure your main electrical panel is suitable for the load requirements of the dunk pool being installed. The Wizard Pump System requires a 240V connection wired directly to your homes electrical panel.

The last step is to fill your pool to check for leaks in the plumbing connections and test the operation of the pumping system.

Step #5 – Pool Decking / Landscaping

Once your dunk pool has passed the plumbing and electrical tests, its safe to backfill to the edge of the pool. The finishing details will vary depending on the type of installation and your personal design preferences. Above ground units have available bolt on decking systems, exterior facing kits and ladders. In ground units will require a hardscaped finish around the pool deck which could include concrete, flagstone or natural stone tiles.

Contact us today to learn more about personalizing your dunk pool and create your own backyard oasis.


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